What kind of company is Lila Soft?

Lila Soft is a mobile game development company and also a son company of D'strict Holdings which has conducted a number of well-known projects of Projection Mapping, Hologram and Augment Reality content.
D'strict? has a worldwide reputation with K-POP Hologram Business such as PSY & BIGBANG and also with projection mapping project such as Tiffany Launching Show in Beijing.
The vision of Lila Soft to develop next generation games based on the know-how and content design & creation capabilities of D'strict.
'Beat Racer' is the first mobile game of Lila Soft.

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How did 'Beat Racer' plan from the beginning?

The game 'Beat Racer' is inspired by a musician called 'Daft Punk' and a movie called 'Tron'.
In the first place, we were keep questioning how would be look like inside of the world of electronic music and we finally figured out that virtual reality space in the movie 'Tron' will look like the most.
So we developed 'Beat Racer' with the concept of defeating enemies & completing the music in the world that is made of light and sound.

What kind of game is 'Beat Racer'?

'Beat Racer' is a racing game with rhythm action which you can enjoy fantastic music with colorful graphic.
Users can experience fascinating graphics that change each stage and also the space changes whenever user move the car to gain a 'beat'.
And also user can enjoy the shooting to defeat enemies and collecting attack items as well.
It is a free game that user can enjoy the combination of the run game with rhythm action & shooting while enjoying a variety of music.
User can use those collected coins to acquire new cars and new stages.

How was the game implemented?

Every element of the game was designed as a full-3D using Unity 3D program.
All space used as a background is implemented and developed with different modules and they are combined for each stage of the game.
The game elements like music and background are linked organically and they are designed to provide fantastic audio & visual effects and the music effects in the same time.

What is the future plan for Lila Soft?

Our Goal is to become a game developing company delivering next generation games like VR game with capabilities of digital technology.
To start with, we are entering the game industry with mobile game 'Beat Racer'.



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